Friday, November 18, 2005


OH VAY, lemme tell you, this has been a VERY trying week! First I get a HORRIBLE kidney infection that put me in the ER for several hours. Then I spent the last half of last week and all of this week trying to contact the LP company to see where in the heck our LP delivery was and when it would be here. The LP was paid for last Thursday.

So, lets see, today is Friday, so shoot back to Tuesday. I was finally starting to feel pretty good, the weather was pretty (65 degrees) and it was sunny. Then I caught the 4 p.m. news, and the weatherman stated that we had a terrible storm system heading our way that had the possiblity of bringing tornadoes and extremely severe weather to our area in a matter of a few hours. Behind that storm system was a MAJOR cold front!! Although it was 60+ degrees at that time, our overnight temps were going to drop down into the upper 20's BEFORE the windchill. Now, normally this wouldn't be "that" bad, BUT, we have NO LP, which means we have NO heat!! It hadn't been that bad temp wise, and we had been able to keep the chill out of the house with a couple of space heaters. But we're talking 20 some degrees BEFORE the windchill and I live out in the country with NOTHING to stop that wind from hitting my house. I spent the day on and off the phone with the LP company, but could get nothing more from them other than "We've recieved your payment and your delivery is scheduled, we just cannot give you a day or time when it will be delivered". To say the least I was NOT pleased at all!!!!!!!

That night, we went to bed LAYERED...LOL. But when we woke up in the morning we were in for one heck of a shock! The thermostat read 52 degrees!!! And according to the morning weatherman, the temps were not going to rise that day, and that night it was going to dip down into the single digits. Once again, I got on the phone to the LP company, and once again, I got the same answers I had gotten the day before. So last night, we had no other choice. We put up temporary "walls" with blankets and blocked off the living room and dining room and put all the heaters we had in those 2 rooms to try and get some sort of warmth, and that's where all 4 of us slept. It was so cold when I went to bed that I slept in long johns, sweats, heavy socks and I put a fleece lined flannel shirt on and gloves and still slept under 2 heavy comforters!! I don't think I've ever been so cold in my life!!!

This morning was simply miserable. No matter what you did, you simply could NOT get warm!! I felt so bad for my kids! This is NO way to live! I felt like some how, some way, I had let them down! They got off to school and I simply sat down and cried! It's felt like it's just been one thing after another lately. And the holidays are looming closely and I'm not even ready for that!

BUT, enough feeling sorry for myself. The LP came this morning around 11, they filled the tank, we turned the furnace on, it lit and WALA, we have heat!! Just another thing that I will NEVER take for granted again!

It's going to be a busy weekend, so I'm not sure how much I'll be around! Stay warm everyone!



Running2Ks said...

Congrats on the heat. What an ordeal!

Holly said...

LOL....I tell ya, the "ordeals" seem never ending lately! I'm ready for a vacation in the TROPICS! ;) Well, anywhere but Aruba!! ;)

magikjaz said...

*hugs* I'm so glad you have heat finally