Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The lessons we learn in life...

I'm sorry for blogging about this over and over this past month, but I am finally to the point that I'm about to simply lose it!

I'm fed up with our house guest to the point of putting him out on the street! For those that have read my other posts about him, I will let you know that he finally "contributed" to the house in the aspect of groceries, although we darned near had to drive him to the store ourselves to get him to do that. But I am greatful that he at least did that.

But we've taken a different "turn" now, one that I don't feel comfortable with any longer. If you go back to my original post about him, you'll read where our house guest suffers from seasonal/situational depression. As a person who deals with this myself, I can relate to how he feels. However, I've also learned that you have to want to help yourself get out of feeling that way, or no amount of medication or therapy will ever completely help you! I've also learned that there are certain things in life that can actually trigger my depression, such as alcohol or even some medications, and that is what we are dealing with here.

I have come to the realization that our house guest has a problem with prescription narcotics. My reasoning for coming to this decision are as such:
1). Several months ago, prior to us moving out here, he offered me his prescription for migraine medication, which happened to be the same medication that I take for mine. His reply as to why he was giving this to me was: I need the strong stuff, this type of stuff wont' work for me. Now mind you, he had never even tried or taken this medication before, just simply decided it wouldn't work.
2). He has "stocked" our medicine cabinet with several of his personal prescriptions for high doseages of motrin and ibuprophen also stating that these medications do not work for his supposed back problems/pain, but once again, not a single pill is taken out of any of said prescriptions (yes, I counted the pills...LOL)
3). Last week he made TWO trips to the ER for above mentioned back pain. At the first visit, they simply offered him 800mg Motrin for the pain and suggested physical therapy. He came home complaining that they didn't "treat" his problem correctly. At the 2nd visit, he was given IV Morphine, and prescriptions for muscle relaxers AND very strong narcotic pain meds. He came home happy from the 2nd visit, and oblivious to what was going around him, to the point of tripping over "imagined" items.
4). Since the last ER visit he has been drugged to the point of barely functioning most of the time, and when he is functioning, he makes NO sense at all!

On top of the above mentioned stuff he also deals with food allergies to both tomato based products and milk based products. Now, am I wrong in thinking that if you are allergic to items like this you MUST avoid them in your diet? The vast majority of stuff that I cook either involes some sort of dairy product, or some sort of tomato based product.

Our house guest has eaten these type of food items to the point that he is nothing but one huge hive, thus making it necessary for him not only to take above mentioned medications for his supposed back problems, but also large doses of both steroids and allergy medications.

The latest result is that he has not came out of his room since Saturday night, other than to use the restroom or eat (and eat foods containing BOTH tomato and milk based products, as we made both cream of potato soup and chili this past weekend). This being said, today is Tuesday and it is the 2nd day of work he has missed this week. On top of that, he hasn't came out of his room while any of us have been home or awake, only while we've been gone or are asleep. (I know about the asleep part because we have VERY squeaky steps and I hear him come up and down the stairs several times a night, and I know about the "while we are away" part because I "set him up" this morning when I left the house and he failed my test because the item I had placed was moved, and the toilet seat was left up).

NOW, the item that I had placed and was moved was a simple scrap of paper that was placed on the phone handset. So, being the person I am, I picked up the phone and hit the "redial" button. This is an old phone with no caller ID or display, so I could not physically "see" the phone number that was dialed, but listened well enough to know that it was obviously a long distance call.

To put it simply, I'M DONE!! I feel like I am being avoided, and I do not like sneaky people, simply because if you're being sneaky, you know you are doing something you shouldn't be doing!! PERIOD!!!! This entire situation has done nothing but cause stress on my marriage and stress on my family and we have enough of our own without adding to it!!

Unfortunately, we cannot and will not address our house guest on these matters in front of the kids, so we need to either wait for a time when the kids aren't around or address this while he is at work, which I don't feel is right because it simply is not work related. So I have a feeling that it's simply going to come down to me completely losing my cool and putting him out on the spot, which will ultimately cause me some MAJOR guilt problems. But I need to think of my own family first and foremost, and when something is affecting all of us the way that this is, it's time for it to STOP!

I'll let ya know what happens and thanks for listening and allowing me to vent about this!

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Running2Ks said...

I hope you come to a resolution soon. Maybe someone can even watch the kids (outside of the home) so you can end this. I'm so sorry.