Wednesday, October 26, 2005


OH MY :O I got an email from my sister yesterday. Before I tell you about the email, I need to back up a couple of months and give you a little info. My parents have been raising/breeding Labrador Retrievers for the past few years. It's really neat, and they've had good success with it!

Back in like July or something (TOTALLY unsure how long a dogs gestational period is here, so bear with me), my parents sent 2 of their females to the breeders in hopes that just one of them would "take". GUESS WHAT? They BOTH took...LOL

So yesterday, I got an email from my sister saying that both dogs had gone into labor simultaneously....LMAO! Now mind you, my parents are with their dogs 24/7 while they are in labor. They do not leave, except to use the restroom, and that's ONLY if the other person is still there. One of them is with the dog through the entire birthing process. Well, that's "bad" enough with one dog, but two at the same time? I guess they started labor about midnight Monday into Tuesday, at by 7:45 yesterday morning there were already 11 puppies between the 2 moms.

I called mom last night to see how she was doing. Obviously, she was exhausted. She still had not slept since waking up Monday morning. BUT, after the email from my sister, a total of 6 more puppies were born. But Molly was having problems, so my step father rushed her to the vet. They did emergency surgery, but were unable to save her last 2 puppies :( That would have made 19 puppies...LOL. Guess my parents are going to have their hands full the next few weeks, huh?

I'm hoping to go up to their house over the weekend to see the puppies. If I do, you can be assured that I'll be taking TONS of pics!


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Running2Ks said...

Hooboy sounds like a circus!