Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Man, this has just been the week from heck! I've been VERY moody, the kids have been cranky and whiney and Ric, well, he's just been Ric....LOL. I "think" I figured out part of my problem though. I was sitting in the living room last night watching a few minutes of the game before we went to bed, and realized that I had a headache. I was trying to think where my meds were and all of a sudden I realized that I hadn't refilled my prescription for my migraine preventative meds. I ran out sometime last week, and with everything that's been going on with Kryssy, it simply slipped my mind to refill them. So I've been withdrawing cold turkey from them. can you say DUH!!! So Ric took the bottle with him this morning and said he'd get them refilled since the pharmacy is right across the street from his shop.

Last night was open house at Kryssy's school and I was finally able to meet all of her teachers. She's definitely going to have a harder time this year. I don't mean anything bad by that, simply that the teachers here are different than the ones she's been with for the last 3 years, and she doesn't have these ones wrapped around her little finger...LOL. After talking to her homeroom teacher for quite a while, I realize that I am more than likely going to have to put her back on her meds :o( He said that she is very disruptive in class, always raising her hand and asking questions that make little to no sense, or don't pertain to what they are currently working on. He says that she does many things to draw attention away from other students and bring the attention to her, which is also quite distracting. He said that she's very smart, loves to lear and does very well on her work, but it's her behavior(s) that are causing her problems. All of the above problems were not present when she was on her ADHD meds. After we get her surgery over, I'll make an appointment with her other doc to talk to him about these problems and meds and see what he suggests. It's just so aggavating though! Like my mom said, when I was a kid, the teachers dealt with this stuff all the time. Her generation did not medicate their children, they simply dealt with it, as did the teachers. I remember being kept inline by the threat of a trip to the principals office with the potential of a swat or two from the paddle. That was enough to put the fear in us to behave. I'm not saying that corporal punishment is the answer, but I do feel that too many kids have cried "abuse" when there really is not abuse going on, and that has made it so that things can't be done in today's schools like it was when I was in school. Today's punishments just don't seem to put that "fear" in kids. I know, I'll get alot of people saying I'm wrong about saying that, and maybe I am, but it's how I feel...LOL.

Alot of teachers today seem more concerned with the money they make and that kind of thing, rather than trying to take the time with students. They are quick to point out the things that are wrong with children but don't seem to want to do the things that I remember teachers doing when I was in school. They seemed to take the time when I was a kid, they'd stay after school if it was necessary, to help you if you needed it. I don't know, it just seems aggravating! I want so much to keep my children off the medications that "control" them. They need to learn how to control themselves. Too many kids today are put on these medications simply because parents and/or teachers don't want to deal with them. I'm not saying all kids don't need to be on medication, but just that not all of them need to be. Mine have both been off medications since the end of June. Yeah, they can be a handfull at times, that I won't deny. But I tell you, they are much more happy with themselves when they are off medication!! And since we've moved to the country, they are able to be outside more and get more exercise and fresh air, and I feel that has made a HUGE change in them! When we lived in the apartment, I'll admit, it was much easier for me if they simply watched tv or played on the computer. Where we lived, if they wanted to go outside and play, I felt better if I was out with them. And when we had weeks of 90+ degree temps, it was very difficult for me to go outside because of my Asthma, so they did spend alot more time inside. But now that they are more active, I see them making batter choices about what to do with their free time. Keith opts more for outside activities rather than inside ones now. And so does Kryssy. I feel that they are sleeping much better these days too! And they don't fight our nightyly "schedule" either. They know that at 8 p.m. they come in the house for "wind down" time, and they have their showers by 8:30 and are in bed at 9.

Anyway, I could go on and on with this one...LOL. It's aggravating, because I feel like somewhere along the line, I did something wrong and it's my fault that they are like this and "need" these medications. It just feels like somewhere I must have done something wrong that caused them to be like this. But I also think it's because I did give in to the teachers several years ago and started my kids on the meds. During the time of their lives where they "should" have learned self control, they took a pill that gave them that control instead. It's kind of like smoking. Once you start, it becomes a habit, and it's hard to stop. The meds have kind of become like a "habit" for the kids.

OK, I SERIOUSLY have to stop here, or I'll go on and on...LOL. And I need to get some SERIOUS house work done today. So I'm going to close this for now, and hope that I haven't offended anyone with anything I've said. It's simply my feelings, nothing more, nothing less.


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Running2Ks said...

I always wondered if the meds were always needed, but I guess it just depends on the kids. Glad you got your headache fixed, though :)