Saturday, August 06, 2005


Good morning everyone! I'm taking a break from packing to say "tata for now". I refuse to say the G-bye word because it's too "final". It's not like I'm never coming back, just taking a "hiatus"....LOL

I'm tired right now, but that is to be expected. Although I went to bed shortly after 1, I couldn't sleep because Kryssy was in bed with us and she kept kneeing me in the middle of the back, and I was worried about Keith. So I got up and grabbed my pillow and headed for the couch. Much to my amazement, Keith had woken up, so I convinced him to sleep in the living room with me so that I could "take care of him"....LOL. Even though I was totally tired, I still couldn't get to sleep, so I sat and flipped channels for a little while until I simply passed out, sometime around 3:30. The next thing I know I have Ric hovering over me saying "honey, wake up, it's 5". I'm like UGH UGH UGH, I DO NOT WANT TO GET UP, I WANT TO SLEEP! LOL About 15 minutes later, I finally moved myself off the couch and wandered over here. It's now shortly after 8 a.m. and we are about 85% packed. Still have a little to do in the kitchen, still have most of Keith's room to do and I'd like to have our bed tore apart so that I can clean the dust bunnies out from under it before the guys get here....LOL. It's so hard to beleive that tomorrow morning at this time, I'll be having my coffee out in the country, hopefully on the front porch, listening to nature wake up. And I am REALLY looking forward to falling asleep tonight to the sounds of crickets and frogs...LOL.

Anyway, I need to get busy and get things finished up. I have the handy digicam and will start snapping pics soon!!

You all be sure to take care of yourselves while I'm offline! To those of you whose phone numbers I have, I will call and check in! More than likely it will be after 9 p.m. because that's when it's free to call on Ric's phone. I might sneak home Monday and get some online time, just depends on how far I've got the house unpacked. Then I'll be here Tuesday morning waiting for the cable guy to show up to disconnect everything *CRY*. I will miss my cable modem terribly!!! But that's ok, if I'm on dial up, I'll be more hesitant to take the time to connect and get online, and then I'll be worrying whether or not someone is trying to call, so I won't stay on long when I do get online...LOL

Anyway, gotta get moving. Know that I'll miss you and will be thinking of you!


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Come back soon!