Friday, August 05, 2005

Final Day

Well, the final day at the apartment is here. It's 9:02 a.m. and the kids are still sleeping. I am watching the news, actually listening more than actually watching it though...LOL.

I have mixed emotions over this move. It will be wonderful to get out of the city and back out to the country. The kids have slept so much better this week after being out at the house all day. They have helped me with "some" of the cleaning, but I am a bit "picky" about things so I've done most of it myself and just let them play and explore. So by the time they get home in the evening, take their showers and eat, they pretty much pass out.

I just have been so stressed and overwhelmed by all this stuff that I have to do myself this week, that the stress has gotten to me! I was snapping at the kids all day yesterday. The few things that I did ask them to help me with, they whined and complained about having to help. They kept arguing with each other constantly. The whole day was just HORRIBLE!

Last night, as I was wrapping things up at the house, I was out on the front porch sweeping in, and knocking down all the cobwebs. All of a sudden, the next thing I knew I was being swarmed by bee's. I ran off the porch and yelled for Ric. He came running, wondering what was going on and when I told him he ran into the house and got the can of wasp spray and just started spraying. It seems that there is a hole in the "ceiling" of the front porch, through the vinyl siding, and they have made a nest in there, and while I was knocking the cobwebs down I must have brushed it and ticked them off. I "think" I was only stung 3 times, 2 of which were in my elbow. By the time we left the house to come back here, my elbow was swelling a bit and had a HUGE rash like area on it. I got home and took some Benedryl. That helped some, the swelling and rash went away, but the pain in my elbow was still pretty bad! I went to bed not too long after that, because Benedryl tends to knock me out. I still have alot of pain in my elbow this morning, but there is no swelling or redness. It's just weird, because I've never had problems with bee stings before!!!

I am all signed up for Audioblog, so I can at least call in once in a while during my offline time, which should be about 2 weeks. We could probably be online next week, but Ric and I made the decision to stay offline for 2 weeks and get the house in order! Plus I need to get Kryssy's school changed and get ALOT of other stuff done also! The offline things need to take proiority right now. I do have some of your phone numbers and I will be calling you, although it'll be after 9 on Ric's phone, when the minutes are free...LOL. Yeah, I know, I'm a cheapskate ;o)

Ok, I'm going to close for now, I need to get motivated here!! Have a great day, I'm sure I'll type more tonight, and maybe again in the morning tomorrow!!


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