Saturday, July 16, 2005


Ok, I know that it's really NOT a big deal, but I really do NOT want this next week to pass!! Next weekend I will turn 40 and although it's simply a number, I really do not want to turn that age. I guess it is just the "stigma" that is attached to being 40, ya know? You're supposed to have fun in your 20's, you're supposed to "grow up" in your 30's and by the time you are 40 you are supposed to have a decent life going. Now don't get my wrong, I LOVE my life. I have the most wonderful husband and kids and I love them with all my heart! I truly feel blessed to have them in my life. But I guess, I thought my life would be different by the time I turned 40, ya know? Of course, if I go back to my teens, this wasn't what I wanted for my life either...LOL. I wanted to marry a farmer and grow up in the country living the life that my parents did. And now I'm in the friggin city and although I love where we are living, I simply do not like living in the city!!!

For my birthday, the day before, my mom is taking me and the kids and my sister and her kids to Soak City...WHOOHOO!! The weather is supposed to be perfect, mid 80's and sunny, and with the wind/breeze that you always get off the lake, it'll be a bit cooler. The kids are excited. My sister was just here and we went to their website online and now she's excited about it too! I just hope she doesn't get one of her bitchy ass attitudes and ruin things for everyone! I love my sister, but damn man, if I were as miserable as she was, I'd put a friggin gun to my head!!

Anyway, the day of my birthday, I "hope" we're just going to chill out at home. I don't want to do anything or go anywhere because I know I'm going to be depressed and more than likely it's going to be "that time" too **rolls eyes** So I'm hoping to just spend the day chillin out and bein with my online friends!! I miss them so much sometimes! We used to have chats all the time and make each other laugh, it's been AGES since we've been able to do that!

Then, the day after my birthday, weather permitting, we're going to the beach with some friends and cookout!! I'll be able to break in what I asked for for a birthday gift from Ric...LOL. When we were at the beach last weekend my beach chair broke. I had one of those camping type chairs that had the foot rest. Makes it so my legs are out and getting sun. We've had the chair for years and I always HATED it until I started taking it to the beach...LMAO!!! With any hope, we'll be able to stay for the sunset and I can get some great pics on the digicam!!!

Ok, I guess that's it for now. Can't think of anything else to whine, bitch or complain about...LMAO!!!



magikjaz said...

aww *hugs* at least you aren't turning 50!!! I'm not where I thought I would be @ my age either...but i wouldn't trade it for all the mcneopets in the universe;-)

Running2Ks said...

I hear 40 is a time when women just let go and feel good about themselves. This may be a really good one!