Thursday, November 01, 2007

It's been a decent week

We found out on Sunday that my husband was going to go out of town for work for the week. With the notice coming quick and unexpectedly, it kind of took us for a shock. The kids were, at first, upset about it, the youngest more so than the oldest.

When he left Monday morning at 3:30 AM the youngest was up and awake and having a very difficult time. They both had a doctors appointment early Monday morning, the plan after that was to take them both to school, but as all plans, that didn't happen. The youngest was visibly having a difficult time and the oldest was so tired that he couldn't stay awake, so I ended up keeping them both home for the day. We had a nice day, and I know keeping them home was the right thing to do.

Now that we're on the down slide of the week, I have to say that it has actually went much better than I thought it would. The kids have been awesome and have been very helpful around here! The dogs, however, haven't done so well. Harley and Willow have done fair, but Riley just looks depressed. He misses his daddy! And he is definitely my hubby's dog! So I look forward to tomorrow evening when my hubby comes home, I hope we can have a nice weekend and be thankful to be back together again. We also know that there is a pretty good chance that he'll be leaving again Monday morning, but I've forewarned the kids, and they're actually OK with it. The dogs, however, that's a completely different story....LOL

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