Tuesday, October 23, 2007

And he wonders why I'm so irritated

You know, I never set out purposely to be witchy, but lately, it sure seems like I'm witchy more than I'm happy. I'm quite pee-o'd right now and if you'd like to know why, keep reading. If you don't care, STEP AWAY FROM THE PAGE....LOL!

In the past week, this is what has been lost to either being chewed up by a dog or my hubby breaking it:
1. My FAVORITE black heels that looked awesome with not only dresses, but also jeans. (chewed up by one of the dogs)
2. The ceramic dish to my crockpot. (broken by hubby when he was cleaning it)
3. My daughters school picture of her boyfriend. (chewed up by one of the dogs, God only knows where the heck it was laying when they found it because she can't put anything away!)
4. One of my favorite sunflower glasses. (JUST broke because my hubby thought it would be a brilliant idea to lay the 500 pound griddle up against the glasses in the dish drainer....can you day DUH).

Can you believe my hubby can't understand why I'm ticked off right now? WHAT, I'm supposed to jump around dancing with glee because crap keeps getting broken and/or chewed up by the dogs? Frankly, I'm fed up with it and feel like just throwing everything away because at this rate it's either going to get broken or chewed up eventually. Yes, I know, I'm being overly dramatic, but would you expect anything else from a woman in the beginning stages of menopause?

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