Monday, April 02, 2007

Some neat pictures

I had the time last week and was able to head outside for a few hours and try out my camera that I got back in January. It was a mostly cloudy morning, but that changed by 10. I went down to the docks on the Maumee River and took some neat pictures of the Toledo skyline as well as the High Level Bridge and some pictures at the park, so I thought I'd share some of them with you

This is a picture of a VERY feisty squirrel that kept following me around the park. I think he's used to people feeding him, but I didn't have anything to share with him...LOL

This sign cracked me up!! Where did they think people were going to step to? The water? LOL

This is one of my favorites of the photos I took that day. I love old buildings. I took this picture in color and black and white, the black and white version turned out much better!

The skyline of Downtown Toledo is neat. The tall building is called the OI building right now, but will change names I guess because OI (Owens Illinois) moved out of it

This is, without a doubt, my favorite picture that I took that day! I was at the park, and there was this huge grassy field that I wandered into. I put my coffee cup on that post so that I could take a picture, and when I seen my cup sitting there with the field in the background, it was too irresistible to not take a picture of it as well...LOL

So there you have some of my photos, I hope you enjoyed them!

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