Sunday, April 15, 2007

Parenting joys

I love my kids, honestly, I do. But sometimes they sure know how to push my buttons! My daughter was playing with the neighbor today and when she came home she had silver spray paint in her hair, on her face and all over her coat. But she adamantly denied being anywhere near spray paint.

Now, I didn't lost my temper, which is a good thing, because her father did. Not about the spray paint, but about the fact that she was very obviously lying. So I called my best friend and picked her VEEEEEEEEERY knowledgeable brain (because she's the most smarticle person I know). She told me to use baby oil or any oil based cream to get it out of her hair and off her skin and she said that hair spray might work on her coat.

I haven't tried the coat yet, that will have to wait until tomorrow or Tuesday, but I'm THRILLED to report that the oil based cream I used got it completely out of her hair and off her skin! I made her laugh too because I told her that's how she was going to look when she went grey....LOL!

Other than that it's been a pretty uneventful day. We got the kids' rooms spring cleaned so now they look and smell VERY nice, even my sons rabbit seems happier...LOL!

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