Thursday, January 04, 2007

Furniture, furniture, furniture....

OK, so I "think" I told you earlier this week that I had been shopping for a bed for my daughter, but I don't think I added that I've also been looking for living room furniture in the process. Ours is in VERY sad shape and we have no choice but to replace it. In this picture of the furniture, you can see that there is a cover across the sitting area of the couch.

What you can't see, because of the "cover" are the 2 huge holes that my lovely dogs have put into the cushions. I mean, it's to the point that it's absolutely uncomfortable to sit on the couch, and right now that couch is my daughters bed....LOL!!!

SOOOOOO, I "think" we finally decided on new furniture. I say think because lord only knows what will happen between now and next weekend when we go to finally buy it. We've thought this over and over, and as much as we wanted to get a living room "set", getting a set actually makes no sense for this family...LOL. First, because it all won't fit into my 15' x 15' living room and secondly, it's just not practical. So we've finally decided that rather than getting a sofa, love seat, chair and ottoman that we are instead going to get 2 sofas and an ottoman. It will fit very nicely into the living room AND with the ottoman we'll have the option of putting our feet up since we're NOT going to replace our reclining set with more recliners! In time, we may get a recliner, but I'm not sure on that one yet.

Here is the picture I have of the sofa we finally decided on. I love the style of it and the color is nice too, different from anything we've had before!
The color is actually darker than what it looks in that picture. And if you look at the picture of the old furniture, you'll see how we're planning on setting the 2 sofas up.

Anyway, not much else to report here. I FINALLY got the kids motivated and we tore their rooms apart today. They were DISGUSTINGLY filthy!!!! GAG!!! We were even able to eliminate an entire dresser from my daughters room after going through her clothes and realizing that better than half of them no longer fit her.....LOL! Now if I just knew someone in the area that had a girl who wore size 12 slim I'd have it made! So if you're from my area and happen to know someone who has a girl who wears 12 slim who might be interested in some very wearable clothes, let me know please! Oh yeah, I have some boys sized 14 clothes too ;-)


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