Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tuesday's news

Howdy there, hope your week is going well! My week is going good "so far", and hopefully by saying that I didn't just jinx it...LOL!

I worked all day yesterday, but ended up having today off...WHOOHOO!! I really enjoyed my day! Hubby and I have been looking for new furniture for the living room, but my biggest draw back with anything that we've found that we like is that it simply won't fit into the living room. We don't have a tiny living room, but it's laid out VERY weird! Putting any decent sized furniture in it just wasn't an option, and I'm sorry, but if I don't have a couch big enough that I can lay down on it, I'm NOT going to buy it!

So, I got this crazy fandangled idea after going to two furniture stores this past weekend. One of the biggest draw backs with our living room is the fact that the couch had to go across one of the windows. Now, I only have 2 windows in my living room to start with, so if you cover one, it just kind of stinks! So anyway, I came up with the idea of putting the couch across the doorway from the dining room into the living room. It would be an inconvenience for a bit, but I thought that after we got used to it we might like it. AND it would mean that I could set the couch and love seat up as if they were a sectional. Hubby thought it was a great idea but when I asked him if he'd help me move the furniture around he asked if I'd wait til after Christmas when the Christmas tree was down. As much as I didn't want to, I agreed to not ask him to help me change the living room around until after the holidays. I, however, DID NOT agree to wait to change it around on my own....LOL!!

Yup, you guessed it, I tore the living room apart today and changed it all around and even moved the Christmas tree out into the foyer, WITHOUT breaking a single ornament...LOL! I was going to take pictures, but forgot to, so I'll have to do that tomorrow, but I REALLY REALLY like it! It is kind of weird looking with the opening into the living room being there, but it really opened up the living room and gave us a lot more space!

It looks like I'm off work tomorrow also, so if I am I'll grab the pics of the furniture we decided on off the furniture stores website and show you! It's a really nice set and the price is right in the range that we were looking at!

OK, I'm getting "the look" even though he's sitting behind me, I can feel it LMAO So I'm going to bed. More tomorrow.


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