Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Remember "My dog ate my homework"?

I tell you, being a dog owner is a never ending job! We have 2 dogs, Harley is an 18 month old boxer/shepherd mix. He's a good dog that we got as a 6 week old puppy and have really worked hard with him, so he is very well behaved. Riley is an 11 month old pure bred Labrador retriever that we got when he was about 5 months old. We believe he was very neglected at his prior home and fought with the 2 elder dogs there. Our reasoning behind this is because he was nothing but skin and bones when we got him, the first time we gave him a dish of food he scarfed it in like 2 seconds, then went over to Harley's bowl, gave Harley a horrid growl, then scarfed Harley's food down. That scared the crap out of us. When we talked to the lady we got him from she then admitted that Riley had been literally thrown in with 2 adult mating boxers and was left to fend for himself, thus the food issues and the reasons he had scars all over his face. It took several weeks to get Riley to realize that he could take his time eating his food and that Harley was not going to take it away from him. Riley is still much more dominant than Harley is, and since he weighs almost 2 times more than Harley does, Harley tends to back down from Riley.

The other "problem" we have with Riley is that he will chew up anything that is not permanently attached, which from what I understand is very common with Labrador's. Thus, the title of my post.

I just got off the phone with a friend, but as we were ending the call I seen that Riley had something in his mouth. It was a Walmart receipt. When I told my friend this we both started laughing and she went into this "I hope it's not from anything you need to return because you'll have to explain to them that you only have part of the receipt because the dog ate it". Which got us BOTH to laughing our butts off!

But I love my "puppies" even if they drive me INSANE!

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