Thursday, April 20, 2006

Well hello there!

So much to say and so little time...LOL! To say the least, life has been VERY busy lately! Hopefully this weekend, I'll have photos to show you!

First, we didn't and aren't getting my new car :o( But it's ok! Kia tried to pull on one us at the last minute and talk us into getting a used car instead, and we almost "fell" for it, until they informed us that the used vehicle was only going to come with a 90 day warranty. As soon as I heard those words, I looked at the salesman and said "GO FVCK YOUSELF" and got up and walked out...LMAO! I mean, COME ON, yes, my poor old Honda is as ugly as all get outs, but it is the MOST dependable car I have ever owned! Why in the world would I get rid of a VERY dependable car that is paid for to get a used car with a 90 freakin day warranty? Hubby said the salesman called him the next day and said we could "purchase" a longer warranty if we wanted to, when hubby suggested they "throw it into the deal" the salesman said they can't do that. SORRY, NOT HAPPENING! But that's ok, it's one less bill we have to worry about every month!

Secondly, as most of you know, we moved to this house last August. Too late in the season to do any kind of landscaping, even if we would have had the time...LOL. So, we're doing landscaping. We cut a HUGE HUGE HUGE flower bed into the very front of the property around the trees that line the front yard. And when I say HUGE, that's an understatement...LOL. We've currently put 2 dump truck loads of mulch down, and only about half of the flower bed has mulch, we're easily going to need 2 more loads, if not 3...LOL. But the end result is going to be VERY nice. I took some "before" pics just after we used the bed edger to cut the original lines for it, and I'll take some more tonight if I can that will be our "mid way" pics...LOL.

And finally, I've been a working fool this week...LOL. The kids are on spring break, and hubby took vacation, so I'm working....LMAO! I signed contracts on a new cleaning job on Tuesday morning and spent Tuesday and Wednesday there. The new contract is for a VERY new apartment complex about half an hour from here. The apartments are absolutely GORGEOUS, but quite pricey! For a 2BR 2Bath apartment they run $895 a month and up. I took some pictures of one that I did and I'll upload them as I can!

OK, I think that's it for now. Got a little bit of "play time" this morning before I have to get ready work, so I'm going to head over to pogo and work on my badges for this week...LOL! Have a great day everyone!

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