Thursday, December 08, 2005

Happy Birthday Mama

68 Years ago today one of the most wonderful women in the world was born, my Mother:D. It seems to weird to think of her being 68! She's so active and busy. I guess I have that preconcived notion that people in their 60's are "old"...LOL. But NOT my mom!!
We've had our ups and downs through our lives, as every other parent and child have. But I feel like we have a good relationship these days! She's a good lady with a heart of gold and she adores her umpteen grandchildren!
Fortunately, I'm off work today, so I'm heading up to Michigan to meet my mom and most of my 6 siblings for lunch. I'm also keepy Kryssy home from school so that she can go with us, although I'm 2nd guessing that choice at this specific moment...LOL.
We all were really hoping that my niece would have her baby today, but I don't think that's going to happen :( Her due date is the day that my daddy passed away, and she herself was born one year and 5 days after he passed, and I don't think she wants the "stigma" of that date to have her first baby on. I don't blame her, as much as I love my dad, I wouldn't want it either! So she's been hoping all along that she could have the baby on mom's birthday!
Oh, btw, looks like we're in for some SIGNIFICANT snowfall for tonight into tomorrow. Our temp this morning was -3 when I woke up, and yes, that's before the windchill. But there are 2 "storm cells" working their way towards us, and if they hit just right, we could easily see 10+ inches of snow by tomorrow *UGH* Oh well, it means OT for the hubby and a NICE check the week before Christmas!
OK, I need to get busy. Have a great day!

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