Sunday, November 06, 2005

My Family BLOWS....

Man, does my family ever BLOW.....LMAO!!! I am blowing....LOL

And here is my daughter and the neighbor girl

And my son

And another neighbor

And a friend of ours

And even my husband...LOL

And here are the results from all that blowing!!

Here is one pile from the back yard. It was almost as deep as my daughter is tall...LOL

And here is the pile from the front yard

But, as anyone knows, when you have HUGE piles of leaves, they NEVER stay intact...LOL. LET THE FUN BEGIN!!!

But it wasn't all work, the kids had alot of fun when we were done!!!

It was a picutre perfect day yesterday, well, a little over cast, but it was gorgeous! Between my hubby's lawncare business and the neighbors, we had 4 handheld leaf blowers and the one walk behind. So although we had 2 acres full of leaves, we actually made short work of it! But we had alot of fun!!
Have a great day everyone!

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Running2Ks said...

Oh LOL! That is great. Looks like a "blast" :)