Friday, November 11, 2005


Good morning everyone! So sorry I haven't been around this week, but it's been a very trying and exhausting week and I've simply not been able to even think, let alone put something on here that made any sense!

Although I said I was not going to mention this topic again, I'm simply going to say that our house "guest" will no longer be here after tomorrow. I can't stress enough how happy that I will be when this situation is over. It has pushed myself, my family and my marriage to the limit, and for a little while hubby and I even thought it had pushed our marriage to the point of "no return". But we "discovered" last night that that simply wasn't so ;o)

I feel "new" today. Not exactly sure how to explain/describe how I feel. This week I have had a fairly severe case of insomnia. Add to that the "joy" of it being THAT time of the month and the stress that has been going on and I simply could not even do "normal" functions. I was very angry and irritable and made not only myself, but my family miserable. But for some reason this morning, the "fog" has lifted and I don't feel so hopeless anymore!!!

Anyway, I'm going to attempt to get some work done around here today. My house is a complete disaster....LOL. Thanks so much to everyone for their thoughts and support through all of this! I never would have made it through it without you!!

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