Friday, October 21, 2005


It's FRIDAY!!! Although I normally don't mind Friday's, this one has a bit of "sadness" to it...LOL. It means that vacation is over and that we go back to work on Monday :( It's been a nice week though, we've had some good quality one on one time with each other, something that we haven't had in AGES! We even snuck in some afternoon nookie sessions...LMAO!!

An update on our housemate.....We had a talk with him yesterday and as I thought he would, he got quite defensive! He pointed out to me that I told him that if he needed something to eat, he could eat and that I had also said that there were no specific foods in the house that were "off limits". So I got right back in his face and said "that DOES NOT mean you can eat us out of house and home without contributing a damn thing, you've eaten up my kids' cereal and damn near went through a 4 pound jar of peanutbutter in less than 3 weeks. And why is it that you put on the pretense of going to bed, yet within half an hour after we go to bed I come downstairs and there you are in the kitchen eating MASSIVE amounts of food?". His reply....."I told you I need to eat ever 4 hours because of my sugar problems". So, to make this a little shorter, he agreed to slow down on his eating, but also said that he would start looking for somewhere else to stay. Not a word was mentioned about bringing food in to help replace what he has eaten, or to help for the remainder of the time he is here. Hubby and I have decided that if he brings nothing into the house before he moves out, he will NEVER be welcome to come into our home again! You have to know it's gotten bad if it is upsetting/affecting him, because he is the most laid back person I have ever known and doesn't get upset about things like this. I do feel bad! This guy has been a friend for over 2 years now and he is like one of the "family" in most ways. But I guess you never really "know" someone until you live with them.

The weather around here is taking it's Fall turn :( It's been grey and dreary the last few days. The day time temps aren't hardly hitting 60, and the over night temps are dipping down into the upper 30's. I'm NOT ready for the cold weather yet!! Heck, am I ever really ready for it?

OH, while I'm thinking about it, I had to reformat my puter this week. So if we've emailed each other at my gmail addy, please email me there when you can! Like a dumb butt, the one thing I didn't back up was my address book, so I lost everyone's email addys. SORRY!!!!

OK, I guess that's it for now. Have a great day everyone!!

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Running2Ks said...

I like nooners ;) Don't get them too often.

And yay and Kudos! on dealing with your "guest". Sounds like a good plan.