Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Hump day....

Good morning everyone! Hope your week is going well, or at least as well as it possibly can be!

Not too much going on here this week. Work has been VERY slow and I'm off today.

Last night my daughter had a "Meet your instrument" meeting for bad. She has "chosen" to play the clarinet, and they were able to spend over an hour learning about their instruments from a professional clarinet player. I must admit, being a clarinet player myself, I was quite impressed by the person that was teaching them, and what they were able to get these kids to be able to do within a matter of about an hour! There were 8 children, all 5th graders, and all new to the clarinet. By the end of the hour all but one were successful in playing 5 notes (C, D, E, F and G) and they could play a whole note, take a 4 beat rest and then play four quarter notes. One child was really struggling and tended to get more "squeaking" than notes, but that is very normal when learning to play a woodwind instrument with a reed.

To back up a little, I quoted the word "chosen" in the above paragraph because my daughter actually wanted to play the trumpet. But buying/renting a trumpet just isn't in the books for us at this time and we had a perfectly fine clarinet for the taking, so that's why she is playing it.

When we were on our way to the meeting last night, she was very reluctant about playing the clarinet. But I am THRILLED to say that the first words out of her mouth as we walked out of the building last night were "I LOVE IT MOM, THE CLARINET ROCKS"....LOL. Plus I have "ulterior" motives behind her playing the clarinet....LOL. It means I can sneak in some play time on my beloved passion of 15+ years from time to time also ;o)

We have picked up a new "house mate" since I last posted. One of hubby's co-workers was going to end up "living" in his car. We adore this guy and think of him as an extended family member and when we found out what he was going through under his current living conditions we both decided that we needed to let him stay here for a while. He's a great guy and the kids just love him! My only "worry" is that the hustle and bustle of our lives will drive him nuts...LOL. My kids are very "busy" children from the moment they wake up until the time they fall asleep, so there isn't much quiet time around here. But he says he doesn't mind. We're going to clean out the pets room for him and get him set up in there this weekend, for now, he's crashing on the couch.

OK, I REALLY need to get busy here, so I'm going to close for now. Have a great day!


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