Monday, August 01, 2005


That's all I can say right now...LOL. We got back from the new house about an hour ago. Ric mowed the lawn and I started the inside work that needs to be done so that we can move this weekend. I don't think I've EVER seen so many spiders in my entire life, and I grew up on a HUGE farm...LOL. Thankfully 99% of them are daddy longlegs, so they're harmless. But I did see a few of them little black spiders, can't remember what they are, only that they bite and it hurts...LOL.

I managed to tackle wiping down the cobwebs from the entire downstairs of the house....YAY!!!!! I also was able to clean out the windowsills and vacuum. But the vacuum I took has a hose attachment that didn't work, so I couldn't get the nooks and cranny's, but I'll take my good vacuum tomorrow and get those. I also sprayed darn near an entire can of Lysol, and between that and the fact that all of the windows were open, the house smells ALOT better!!! Doesn't have that musty, closed up smell!

Tomorrow I am going to tackle the kitchen!! There are TONS AND TONS of cabinets and drawers. I counted 24 cabinets down and I think 14 up, but I can't remember. Then there is one cabinet down beside the stove, and a "set" of 3 above it. I opened them all up tonight before we left in hopes of the bug bombs killing any spiders that are in them...LOL. I set off one in the kitchen, one in the opening between the living room and dining room, and one at the foot of the staircase. Tomorrow, if I get the kitchen done, I'll wipe for cobwebs and vacuum upstairs, then I'll set off bug bombs up there before I leave.

I "almost" wish we could wait on moving for a couple of weeks so that I could also paint before we move in. Right now it's painted your basic white, but it's flat paint, why someone uses flat paint on walls, I have no idea! I'd choose a soft beige rather than the white, and go with either an eggshell or semi-gloss finish so that the walls would at least be washable!! I guess I could bring up putting off the move to Ric, but he's already got guys and trucks and trailers set up for Saturday morning to do this. So, I'll just move furniture into another room and paint each room one at a time after the move.

Poor Ric, he had to double cut the yard when he mowed. He brought out the 52 inch industrial mower from work and still ended up having to mow twice. It took him over 3 hours. He didn't do any of the trimming or anything like that, just mowed. Kryssy got to ride with him for quite a while and had alot of fun!

The kids really explored the house and the yard. For the most part, they were good, had a few problems with them, but nothing so bad that voices had to be raised or anything.

The neighbor that we really don't know anything about was home and outside tonight. He looks like he's going to be "interesting".....LOL. Quite an interesting man and he walks around outside with no shirt on and scratches himself alot "you know where"...LOL. He spent alot of the time that we were out there sitting in a chair beside his porch looking over at our house. Guess I'll have to make sure to keep an eye on the kids until I know that he's "ok".

Allright, I need to finish this up before I sit here and fall asleep...LOL. I'm putting another pic of the house in this post. This one is the view from the back yard. On the left of the picture is my Honda, just in front of the Honda is the dog house that was left there. If you look in the upper right corner of the dog house and look up just a little bit, you'll see a white "spot" kind of "floating" at about the roof of the dog house. That is our mailbox, and the front line of the property. We were told today that it is actually a 2 acre lot. AHHHHHHHHHH.....even though I am completely exhausted, LIFE IS GOOOOOOOOD!!!!


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Running2Ks said...

Oh that yard is HUGE, poor guy.

And hey, just watched a Mythbusters--the Daddy Long Legs are harmless, thank goodness.

Good choices on the wall paint.