Monday, August 08, 2005

Saying HI while I can:D

**YAWN** I haven't been this physically tired in a LONG time! I'm HAPPY to say that we were finally able to do some "house work" today and actually got the bedrooms completely set up!!!!!! We'll all be able to finally sleep in our beds tonight, I'm SOOOOOOO geeked...LOL.

I'm planning on coming in tomorrow about 8 for a few hours to play on here and pack up what I can get packed. There's nothing "major" left here EXCEPT my puter, and that will come home tomorrow when I leave!

Life out there seems ALOT different! The kids are just running and playing all day, riding their bikes and hanging out with the kids that live on both sides of us. Today they went swimming for about 2 hours, it was WONDERFUL!

Anyway, it's my turn to get in the shower, so I'm going to close this for now. All is going VERY well!! Luv ya and miss ya!!

Here's a pic of the dining room at the new house with all our bags and boxes in it. THat's the room that we are working out of. This pic was taken right after the guys finished unloading the trucks and's a MESS!! I'm happy to say that it's only about half of that much now!!!

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Running2Ks said...

Lots of work ahead. Lots and lots. Rest up!