Saturday, July 30, 2005

MORE good news!!

This is so exciting, and I know that I have IM'd most of you that read this and told you already, but I still have to put it in writing!!

Ric left the apartment this morning to run to the shop and do a few things. While he was there, the guy that owns the lawnmower shop next door came over and asked if Ric could help him do something out at his house, that he'd pay him for his time. Ric said sure, so the two of them hopped in Bob's truck and headed out of town to Bob's house. On the way out there, they passed a house and Bob told Ric that it was for rent. They went on to talk about the house, how many bedrooms, how much was the rent, ect. Turns out that it's a 3 bedroom house for $50 a month LESS than what we're paying right now to live here AND, AND,'s in the COUNTRY!!!!! Ric got the phone numbers from Bob to contact the guy that owned the house and then asked Bob what the guys name was. Ric said that his jaw dropped to the floor of the truck when Bob said the guys name. It was a guy that Ric worked for a few years back named Ted.

Ric loved working for Ted. Ted owned an excavating company and he hired Ric on as a mechanic. They got along great and Ted would throw "side jobs" Ric's way for some extra cash now and then. Ted hated losing Ric, but it was when Ric was sentenced to prison. They lost contact and hadn't seen each other since Ric got out 2 years ago, but Ric had talked about him to me a few times.

Anyway, Ric called Ted and Ted was like "OH MY GOD, how are you doing man?". They talked for a bit and then Ric brought up the house. Ted was like "OMG are you kidding me?" So, to make a long story short, we go out tomorrow to meet Ted and look at the inside of the house. We went out there today and seen the outside and yeard. It's PERFECT!!! The house is not overly small or overly large, I think it'll be just the right size for us! But the yard.....OMG, it is to DIE for!! It's about 1 1/2 acres, and the house is almost smack dab in the middle of it, so there's room on all 4 sides for just about anything!! I mean, we could easily put one of those nice sized, soft side pools in, a fire pit and even set up a tent or something for the kids too! For the first time in the kids lives they'll have a yard all to themselves without having to share it with other kids!! This is like the house/yard I have dreamed of all of my adult life!! It's not too big, and it's not too small, it's JUST RIGHT!!!

Anyway, when we go out tomorrow I'm taking the digicam so that I can take pics of it, I'll attempt to post them if I can!! So PLEASE, cross your fingers and say a prayer! This is the chance of a lifetime!!!!


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